Action Needed on TX Legislators to Oppose Private School Vouchers During Special Session Needed on TX Legislators to Oppose Private School Vouchers During Special Session
On Tuesday, July 19, Texas State Legislators start a special session.  This Post is about School Vouchers.  For more issues on other items, visit, which is the National organization, or get email updates from your Houston Chapter.

Despite failing to pass private school vouchers this state legislative session, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is back at it again. He’s called for a special session of the state legislature that starts this week, and vouchers are at the top of his agenda. Now is the time to remind your state legislators that you oppose vouchers!

Private school voucher schemes, including education savings accounts (ESAs), funnel public money away from Texas public schools and fund primarily religious schools, violating our country’s commitment to the separation of church and state.

Texas’ children deserve the best education possible, but vouchers won’t provide it. Studies show that vouchers do not improve academic achievement or provide greater educational opportunities for disadvantaged students, and students offered vouchers perform no better—and sometimes worse—in reading and math than their public school counterparts.

And voucher programs targeted at students with disabilities, like those proposed by many in the legislature, are especially troubling.  Private voucher schools do not adequately serve students with disabilities. Those students also lose important civil rights protections and access to quality services.

Urge your legislators to vote NO on vouchers during the special legislative session because public money should not be diverted from public schools to subsidize private religious schools.


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