We Must Repent Our Silence for Christian Nationalism

By Laura Mayo Every year of my childhood I attended vacation Bible school. VBS began with an opening assembly. We sang songs, we prayed and, with hands on our hearts, we said a pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag and the Bible. On Jan. 6 the Christian flag was carried by terrorists into the Capitol. I don’t know that everyone recognized it as it was wrapped in on…Keep Reading

Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to U.S. Supreme Court

Americans United Opposes the Supreme Court Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett, A Foe Of Church-State Separation   Barrett’s record demonstrates a hostility toward church-state separation: Barrett has shown support for depriving employees of their contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act because of their bosses’ religious objections. Barrett joined a 7th U.S. Circuit Court decision allowing Illinois to exempt religious services from its emergency health order meant to protect the…Keep Reading

Do you want your tax dollars to fund religious education? You shouldn’t.

By Rachel Laser Jan 21, 2020 The Washington Post Imagine a country where your hard-earned tax dollars must fund private religious schools that require students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or that expel students for being gay. Imagine that your state is forced to spend resources to help fund construction of a local house of worship of a faith you do not share, just because the state is also contributing to…Keep Reading

Introducing Rachel Laser, New Executive Director

My name is Rachel Laser, and I am excited to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State! I’m a lawyer, an advocate and a strategist who has dedicated the last two decades of my life to fighting to make the country inclusive for all Americans. As a religious minority myself—I was raised as a Reform Jew—I know personally how much it…Keep Reading

The Johnson Amendment Has Survived – Thanks To You!

After a months-long fight, we have good news: The final tax bill that the House and Senate will vote on next week will NOT contain language to repeal the Johnson Amendment. A big thank you to all of you who emailed and called your members of Congress and educated your friends and family about this issue. You are the ones who won this fight. The Johnson Amendment is a provision…Keep Reading

Stop Congress from Undermining the Johnson Amendment!

ACTION NEEDED ! The House of Representatives is currently debating its tax reform package, which includes language that severely weakens the Johnson Amendment — a provision of the tax code that protects the integrity of tax-exempt organizations, including houses of worship, by ensuring they do not endorse or oppose candidates. We need you to contact your Representative to urge them to strip this dangerous language from the tax reform package…Keep Reading

Temporary Restraining Order Placed On Muslim Ban 3.0

Trump’s Muslim Ban 3.0 — which singles people out for exclusion based on their religious beliefs — was just blocked by a federal court in Hawaii, but the fight is far from over. Like the first two versions, Muslim Ban 3.0 is a thinly veiled attempt to mask Trump’s true intent — fulfilling his campaign promise to ban Muslims from the United States. It is designed to exclude people from…Keep Reading

100 Days In, Trump’s Chipping Away At Religious Freedom

President Donald J. Trump has passed his 100th day in office. Although he campaigned on his 100-day “Contract with the American Voter,” he no longer seems enthusiastic about the milestone. Perhaps that’s because he is facing criticism for failing to achieve any major legislative victories. One thing he has accomplished: He has caused real harm to religious freedom and has made promises to do even more. Here are five things…Keep Reading

We Fought Trump’s Muslim Ban – And Won!

We Fought Trump’s Muslim Ban – And Won!

Here’s some much-needed good news: A federal appeals court has just agreed with Americans United that President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants violates fundamental constitutional protections. The ban remains on hold while litigation continues! Officials in Washington State and Minnesota challenged Trump’s executive order that imposed the ban. Although AU did not initiate this litigation, we did file legal briefs in the case, explaining that the Trump ban clearly…Keep Reading

Neil Gorsuch: The Wrong Man For The Job

Neil Gorsuch: The Wrong Man For The Job

As I’m sure you know, last night Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the high court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch’s one-sided view of religious freedom is dangerous, and that makes him the wrong person for the job. He has even suggested that the government should be able to endorse religion—a position that would radically change constitutional law. AU’s Legal Department has researched…Keep Reading