Church State Separation Graphic Novel Released

Holy Trinity of God, Texas and Secession Stars in Cautionary Comic Book Series AFTER TWILIGHT

New comic book series asks, “How do you fight a state with God on its side?”

Texas, 2022—The Lone Star State is in a bloody war with the United States to become a separate fundamentalist Christian nation. Voters in Texas have elected a fanatical theocratic

government that has replaced democracy with oppressive biblical laws and punishments. A sinister force of religious police enforces the law with fear and violence. Young librarian Jen
Frazier is thrown into the struggle between the theocracy and the underground resistance that is fighting to expose the atrocities committed by the government in God’s name.
This is the dark world of AFTER TWILIGHT, a comic book series set in Houston, Texas and created by Texas writers and artists. Issue #2 of the six-book series will be released January
27, 2012 and continues the story of Issue #1, which describes a society where reason is outlawed and blind faith rules.
AFTER TWILIGHT is the brainchild of Houston filmmaker Gary L. Watson. “AFTER TWILIGHT isn’t about teen werewolves and vampires,” he said. “Instead, this story is based on disturbing
real-life issues in today’s society that should frighten everyone.” The series is written by Watson,Richard Alvarez, and Sandra Yates and drawn by Douglas Brown.

In 2001, Watson, intrigued by stories of the Afghan Taliban and the American religious right, wrote a short screenplay. “As I began to read more about groups here in the US that truly want
to establish a theocratic government,” he said, “I wondered what that might look like, so I began writing AFTER TWILIGHT as a way to imagine that world.”

The central theme of the story is that when church and state are combined, both are corrupted and neither fulfills its purpose in society. “It is not an anti-faith story nor is it an anti-Christian
story,” Watson said. “It shines a spotlight on a disturbing extremism and intolerance that is growing today in the United States and altering the political process so that there is now a de
facto religious test for candidates running for public office.”

AFTER TWILIGHT’s story foretold a secessionist movement in Texas led by elected leaders. Today, Texas is the home of Governor Rick Perry’s secessionist and anti-federal government
rhetoric and his recent one-faith Christian prayer rally, The Response. With the powerful influence of the religious right in Texas politics and public education, the foundation of the story
of AFTER TWILIGHT is well-established with real possibilities. “As we were writing, we could never completely stay ahead of the reality curve,” Watson said.
“Actions that we would imagine for the story would show up as actual events or issues in the newspapers weeks later, and it continues to this day.”

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