No-Cost Donation

Americans United for Separation of Church & State-Houston Chapter has an exciting new program. Just by continuing to do what you already do, you can help make an impact that counts!

Simply tie your Amazon account, Randalls Remarkable Card or Kroger Plus Card to our chapter, and know you are helping a good cause.

Connect Your Amazon Account. (If this doesn’t work, use our direct step-by-step guide)

Connect Your Randalls Remarkable Card.  Our chapter’s account number is 14010.

Connect Your Kroger Plus Card.   Our organization number is PH152.

To donate to the Americans United for Separation of Church & State-Houston Chapter, you may donate online by clicking on this link  

or mail us a check to 

Americans United of Houston
P. O. Box 550743
Houston, TX 77255-0743

Donation FAQs:

Is AU tax-exempt?

Yes — Americans United is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.

Are my contributions to AU tax-deductible?

Yes, to a point. If you receive Church & State magazine, $5 is considered its annual subscription fee and is non-deductible. If you choose to receive a premium/thank-you gift during our early-year renewal campaign, its value is also not deductible (the value will be stated on the thank-you letter you receive for your donation). The remainder of your total annual giving — or the entire amount of your annual giving if you opt not to receive these benefits — is deductible to the full extent of the law.

Will I receive a thank-you letter for my donation?

Yes, Americans United’s national office will send you a written acknowledgement of your mailed or phoned-in donation within a few weeks of processing your donation or an email acknowledgement for your online donation immediately, for tax purposes.

For other donation FAQ’s, go to