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Join or Donate



You can join Americans United by clicking on the yellow “Donate” button on this page or by mailing us a check to:

Americans United of Houston
P.O. Box 550743
Houston, TX 77255-0743

An annual membership starts at $35. Your membership entitles you to receive 11 issues of AU’s award-winning monthly journal Church & State.  Additional benefits are given at higher levels of contribution.

We encourage you to join Americans United through our chapter, rather than the national organization.  Your initial membership will support our chapter directly and, if you give us your email address, we can immediately start letting you know about our chapter’s activities. If you join through the national organization, please ask to be a chapter member.

Students can join Students for Church-State Separation for free here.

Automated Gifts:

  • You can choose to make  automated monthly credit card gifts. If you’d like to do that but don’t want to donate online, please email for a form that you can print, complete and mail to set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
  • You can opt to make an automated annual gift. That will ensure that your membership in AU renews without your having to remember to take action every year. 


Membership renewals are handled by Americans United’s national office.  You can renew online or mail your renewal to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, 1310 L Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005.



No-Cost Donations to You:

You can support our chapter and help make an impact that counts just by continuing to do what you already do, with no extra cost to you!

  • Shop

Simply tie your Amazon account, Randalls Remarkable Card or Kroger Plus Card to our chapter, and we will receive a portion of your eligible purchases.

Connect Your Amazon Account. (If this doesn’t work, use our direct step-by-step guide)

Connect Your Randalls Remarkable Card.  Our chapter’s account number is 14010.

Connect Your Kroger Plus Card.   Our organization number is PH152.

  • Use Employer Matching

If your employer has a corporate matching gifts program, your contribution to AU may be eligible to be doubled or tripled. Find out more from your HR or personnel department or email AU’s Development Department for more information. If you have a form from your employer, complete your portion and mail it to AU Development Department, 1310 L Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005  along with or after making your contribution, and AU will take care of the rest.

Other Ways to Donate:

  • We appreciate a donation of any amount to support our work. You can make a donation that isn’t for your renewal by clicking on the yellow “Donate” button on this page or mailing us a check to Americans United of Houston, P.O. Box 550743, Houston, TX 77255-0743
  • You can give a gift subscription to Church & State, make a tribute donation in someone’s memory or honor,  make a bequest and more.  Go to for information about these and other ways to giveIf you’d like your gift to go to our chapter, please either specify when you communicate with AU’s development department or let us know directly.

Donation FAQs:

Is AU tax-exempt?

Yes — Americans United is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit education organization.  Our Federal ID is #53-0184647.

Are my contributions to AU tax-deductible?

Yes, to a point. If you receive Church & State magazine, $5 is considered its annual subscription fee and is non-deductible. If you choose to receive a premium/thank-you gift during AU’s early-year renewal campaign, its value is also not deductible (the value will be stated on the thank-you letter you receive for your donation). The remainder of your total annual giving — or the entire amount of your annual giving if you opt not to receive these benefits — is deductible to the full extent of the law.

If you have other questions about membership or donations, please see AU’s Donation FAQ’s

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Stay Informed

Click HERE to sign up to get by email from the national organization breaking news, action opportunities and AU’s free weekly newsletter.

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Report a ViolationJustice

See something that you think may be a church-state violation? Report it to AU’s legal department and they’ll review it.

Review Examples and FAQs

Before taking the time to report a violation, please review AU’s examples and information about what does (and doesn’t) constitute a violation. We would hate to be unable to help with your situation!

Examples of Violations:

  • An organization uses a government grant for religious activity.
  • A public school event includes prayer or a public school teaches creationism or intelligent design.
  • The government displays a religious symbol or text on public property.
  • The government funds religious hospitals that refuse to provide certain kinds of reproductive health care services for religious reasons.
To report a violation, complete the violation form

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Take Action   

Rebuild religious freedom for all w/tih AU's Action Network

Join AU’s Action Network to help us build our movement to ensure the separation of religion and government.  AU will keep you informed about actions you can take in your community and opportunities to hone your skills as an advocate.  You’ll get 6-12 messages a year with specific actions you can take to advance the cause, such as legislative and legal advocacy, outreach opportunities and invitations to attend special meetings, briefings and training sessions. Just look for [AU-AN] in the subject line and take the actions that are right for you!

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Suffering from pandemic isolation or boredom? Try volunteering with our Houston chapter to help fight for church-state separation. You’ll get to engage with like-minded folks who are working together to create and participate in inspiring and educational events and to raise public awareness about our issues in our community. You can use your skills or learn new ones–and you may not even need to leave your home!

Ways you can help include:

  • Posting to our website or social media
  • Planning or helping at an educational or advocacy event
  • Outreach to faith leaders
  • Creating program announcements and monthly newsletters
  • Strengthening ties with a specific community, such as young people or people of color
  • Welcoming new members
  • Writing letters to the editor

To learn more or share other ideas, interests or skills, email us at


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