To Report a Violation

Do you believe that your religious liberty has been harmed by a government action? Please tell us about it. We advocate in and out of court to protect your religious liberty by preserving the separation of church and state.

Review Examples and FAQs

Before taking the time to report a violation of the separation of church and state, please review our examples and information about what does (and doesn’t) constitute a violation. We would hate to be unable to help with your situation!

Examples of violations:

  • An organization uses a government grant for religious activity.
  • A public school event includes prayer or a public school teaches creationism or intelligent design.
  • The government displays a religious symbol or text on public property.
  • Prayers that contain language specific to one religion are recited before or after public meetings.
  • The government funds religious hospitals that refuse to provide certain kinds of reproductive health care services for religious reasons.
Want to report a violation,  go to: