Houston AU Member Gary Watson will be Showing His film ” After Twilight” at the Humanists of Houston Meet-up on August 17th

Saturday, August 17, 2013

1:00 PM to 

6400 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX (map)


This event will be held in the Annex room of Bayland Community Center. The entrance is outside, near the kitchen. If you have any problems finding the venue, you can reach me on the day of the event at 832-590-0376

Gary Watson will be providing a film screening and discussion of his provocative short-film and comic book series “After Twilight” about a hypothetical future Texas which has become a totalitarian, fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Gary will be discussing the story behind the film and the reception it has received, as well as how it ties into recent developments in the state of Texas. He will also be discussing his recently-concluded graphic novel series, which adapts and expands upon the story of the short film. DVD’s of the short film and copies of the comic books will be available for purchase.

Also speaking will be HoH member Sara Elizabeth Sheppard, a recent high school graduate from Katy whose high school teacher openly proselytized and denigrated atheism during class. She recorded audio of him in the act, then filed a report with the Freedom From Religion Foundation which contacted the school district on her behalf. She then wrote an essay about the experience, which won the 4th place $500 prize in a national essay contest by the FFRF.

This event will be held in the Annex Room of Bayland Community Center. The entrance is outside, near the kitchen. See HERE for a photo showing the location of the Annex Room.

About After Twilight:

AFTER TWILIGHT is a snapshot of what an American theocracy might look like. It is not an anti-faith story, nor is it an anti-Christian story. It is a story that shines a spotlight on extremism and intolerance. AFTER TWILIGHT is fiction. What is not fiction are the political/religious organizations that are working to establish a theocracy in the United States. America is in a cultural war, and we stand on a precipice as extremists chip away at the wall of separation between church and state with little or no regard for different spiritual views or the original intent of the founding fathers. A Christian Nation. What would an American theocracy look like?

Houston Press’ story on the After Twilight film and graphic novel:


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