See the Award Winning Film: The Lord is not on Trial Here Today

The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today is a Peabody and Emmy
Award-winning documentary that tells the compelling personal
story of the late Vashti McCollum, and how her efforts to protect
her ten year-old son, Jim, led to one of the most important and
landmark First Amendment cases in U.S. Supreme Court history –
the 1948 case that established the separation of church and state
in public schools. The film recounts what Vashti McCollum later
described as “three years of headlines, headaches, and hatred,”
and the dramatic legal maneuverings that led to a decision that
shocked the nation and made the McCollums a household name.
“Beautifully researched” according to the Peabody Awards, perhaps
one reviewer described it best: “The Lord Is Not On Trial Here
Today (tells) a little-known story of a woman, a court case, and a
movement that changed American society forever.”

Jim McCollum will be speaking at the event.

Saturday, March 17,2012
7:00 PM, Rice Media Center