See Zack Kopplin’s Speech at Rice University on the Teaching of Creationism on YOUTUBE

Americans United for Separation of Church and State—Houston Chapter with Rice ACLU and Rice Empower present Rice University Student and Activist Zack Kopplin speaking about his fight for sound science and against the teaching of creationism as science Mr. Kopplin began his activism against creationism as a Louisiana high school student, when the state passed a law that would allow the teaching of creationism in public schools. He has continued his opposition to teaching creationism in public schools and to taxpayer funded vouchers that support the teaching of creationism in private religious schools. He has worked with Louisiana professor, intelligent design expert and national AU board member Barbara Forrest and drafted a letter signed by 78 Nobel Prize laureates. 

He was interviewed this month by Bill Moyers on Moyers & Company and Bill Maher on his HBO show. 

You can see the speech in its entirety at: