Temporary Restraining Order Placed On Muslim Ban 3.0

Trump’s Muslim Ban 3.0 — which singles people out for exclusion based on their religious beliefs — was just blocked by a federal court in Hawaii, but the fight is far from over.

Like the first two versions, Muslim Ban 3.0 is a thinly veiled attempt to mask Trump’s true intent — fulfilling his campaign promise to ban Muslims from the United States. It is designed to exclude people from this country because of their religious beliefs.

We’ve been fighting Trump’s Muslim ban since he issued the first version in January, and, two weeks ago, we joined with our allies to file the first lawsuit challenging Muslim Ban 3.0.

Religious freedom is about fairness:
We don’t treat people differently because their beliefs are different from ours. And we certainly don’t ban them from our country due to their religion.

It is vital that we organize a strong movement that sends a clear message to this administration: We don’t discriminate against other people because their beliefs are different from ours. That’s unfair, and un-American.

That’s why Americans United for Separation of Church and State is joining the #NoMuslimBanEver March in Washington, D.C., tomorrow, and why we need you to help us amplify this message by taking the Religious Freedom Pledge today.

This was a major victory, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

With your support and partnership, AU will continue to fight the ban every way that we can — because the religious freedom of all Americans is at stake.

You can help us by taking the Pledge today.