Vouchers present dangers for separation of church and state

Do we want to support and improve our public schools or do we want to dismantle them?

That is the question school vouchers force us to confront. To answer this question we need to be honest. We must begin by acknowledging that vouchers do nothing to improve public education. Vouchers drain badly needed money from already under-funded public schools, public schools that today educate almost 90 percent of all American children in K-12.

Supporters argue that vouchers offer choice and competition. This simply is not true. Private schools educate about 10 percent of K-12 students in the U.S. Since almost all private schools are religious schools, the only choice vouchers offer is between a public education and a private, religious education. Is this a backdoor way for the government to subsidize private, religious schools?
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The bill to create a school voucher program for students with disabilities, SB 115, was left pending in the Texas Senate Committee on Education after testimony was taken at a hearing on March 5.  (This is the bill about which AU sent an action alert on March 4).  It’s not too late to contact your senator to ask him to oppose this bill.   You can find out who represents you and contact information at