We Fought Trump’s Muslim Ban – And Won!

We Fought Trump’s Muslim Ban – And Won!

Here’s some much-needed good news: A federal appeals court has just agreed with Americans United that President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants violates fundamental constitutional protections. The ban remains on hold while litigation continues!

Officials in Washington State and Minnesota challenged Trump’s executive order that imposed the ban. Although AU did not initiate this litigation, we did file legal briefs in the case, explaining that the Trump ban clearly violates the First Amendment by imposing ill-treatment and discrimination on Muslims for no reason other than their religious beliefs.

Thanks to your support, AU has made it clear
that religiously based discrimination is
simply not acceptable in America!

When candidate Trump began talking about his Muslim ban, AU vowed to oppose it. I’m glad we were able to fulfill that promise.

This legal fight will undoubtedly go on – but for now, Trump is on the losing end. With your support, we’ll help keep him there.






Barry W. Lynn
Executive Director, Americans United

PS – I’m so proud of the hard work and many hours that AU’s attorneys and legal staff have put into this effort – read more about our briefs and today’s Ninth Circuit ruling. Then, please be sure to make a donation to AU to support this critical ongoing legal work!