When you are ready to place a blog post, and you have logged into the back panel, the main navigation menu will be on the left.  Go to Posts > Add New.

First, if you want time to edit this post before it publishes (becomes “live” for all the world to see), do 2 things:

1) give the blog post its title, then

2) go to the right side, in the Publish panel, and use the drop-down at “Status”. Choose Draft.  It will not post immediately, and allow collaboration, but you MUST click “Save Draft” instead of the usual blue “Update” button.

Below that, under Categories, in the “All Categories” list, always choose Blog, but then 1 or 2 appropriate items suitable to the posting, then un-check Uncategorized.  You can make new categories to fit a subject or need not in this list.  Let me know should you have questions.

Below that, in Evangelist – Single Post, the settings should be







and the Post Title as default.

The result should look like this:


Under the posting itself is a 4-tab box.  The first is important, Media.  This is where you place the header image for every post (very important and necessary).

The second is also important, Header. Use the dropdown Element of Headear [sic] to choose “Without Header Element”. This keeps the look of the page consistent.

A thumbnail is good also.  I will work with you on the images, and will find out from the theme author the optimum sizes soon.